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 Mandalorian Basic Infomation

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PostSubject: Mandalorian Basic Infomation   Mandalorian Basic Infomation Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 1:16 pm

Read this for a better over sight - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorians -

Mandalorians are a culture of races decending from a near-human race that eventually settled on a planet called Mandalore, the species became known as Mandalorians however began to adopt diffrent races into its Culture, eventually the race of Mandalorians became extinct and so began the Mandalorians today.

Mandalorians are a proud warrior culture, they worship war and rage it if the the war is worthy enough, Mandalorians are known as the Best warriors in the Galexy thanks to their brutal training at a early age such as 13 when they under go a right of passage known as Verd'Goton, this is where a young warrior will prove his skills in suvival, hunting and fighting to progress his/her life. Thousands of years ago they was known for raging the great Mandalorian wars that practicly challanged the entie Galexy, although nearly succeedng a Jedi Splinter group formed by Reven and Malek who felt so much death an destruction left by the Mandalorians they fell to the dark side of the force after the Death of Mandalore the Ultimate. Soon after during a secret war that followed called the Dark wars, a lone Mandalorian rose to take place as Mandalore he Preserver, his name was Canderous Ordo. Thanks to him, the Mandalorians would suvive for thousands of years to come, Mandalorians would endure. However, thousands of years have passed without a right leader to inspire the Mandalorian people, until now.
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Mandalorian Basic Infomation
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