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 Mandalorian Armor

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Mandalorian Armor

"The Mandalorians wear the finest armor blood can buy."
―Count Dooku[src]

Mandalorian armor was one of the elements most strongly associated with the Mandalorian culture, Mandalorian armor was a catch-all term for the distinctive armor worn by Mandalorian warriors and soldiers throughout the millennia. In Mando'a, the armor was known as beskar'gam, or literally "iron skin" in their language—a display of just how central their armor was to a Mandalorian's life. Prized by its owner, especially if forged from the nearly indestructible metal beskar, Mandalorian armor came in a variety of forms and styles throughout its long history of use, and was often passed down through the generations. Customizable from the material used and the colors it was painted, to the weapons mounted upon it, Mandalorian armor was an expression of the wearer's individuality while still presenting a united and largely unmistakable face identifying the wearer as a Mandalorian no matter which gender or species they may be.


The first Mandalorian armor was found my the orginal specie of the Mandalorians; The Taung. From there on a lot of Mandalorian armor types were formed. The first one was the Crusader Armor, which was worn my the Mandalorians in the Greath Sith War. Another type was made for us in the Mandalorian wars, the Neo-Crusader armor. Later in the war new suits were developed based on the Neo armor, like the heavy neo-crusader armor. Way later Mandalorian Super Commando armor was made which looks a lot like the Clone trooper/ Stormtrooper armor because the Republic/Empire based their armor on Mandalorian armor.


Throughout Mandalorian history, three major features remained constant in Mandalorian armor design:
The wearer was protected from the majority of all blaster fire. Armor made of actual Mandalorian iron, which could also deflect blaster bolts, made it lightsaber-resistant.
The helmets almost always possessed a T-shaped visor and a sophisticated heads-up display (HUD).
Mandalorian warriors decorated their armor to reflect personal accomplishments, clan affiliation, or simply personal preference. They often repainted their armor to reflect rank, clan, and possibly the current terrain. They were also known to paint their armor in the traditional colors that represented specific causes the individual might currently be undertaking. The colors, however, did not always have a specific meaning. Sometimes they were just colors that the particular Mandalorian liked. Some Mandalorians wore pieces of armor to honor relatives, both dead and alive. As of the Clone Wars, these colors were known to have significance:
Gray=Mourning a Lost Love
Red=Honoring a Father
Orange=A Lust for Life

Mandalorian armor was traditionally made out of almost indestructible Mandalorian Iron (beskar), but this was rare and expensive, so many Mandalorians, such as Jango and Boba Fett, opted for less durable materials instead, such as durasteel or duraplast. The Galactic Empire mined much of the beskar off of the surface of Mandalore, so for a time it was nearly impossible to get any. However the Yuuzhan vong blasted craters deep into Mandalore that were later found to have opened up several new beskar mines. The name for the armor in Mandalorian, beskar'gam, meant Iron skin, or Iron carapace (for Mando members without normal skin), because Mandalorian Iron was a crucial part of the armor design for millennia, until just before the Clone Wars. The secret of producing armor made from Mandalorian iron was kept within the Mandalorian clans for years. Some Mandalorians would also wear cloaks on the outside of their armor.

The helmet served as the control center for most of the suit's abilities. A rangefinder attached to the armored helmet was a common upgrade and could track up to thirty targets, while a battle computer inside the helmet allowed the wearer to control the suit's weapons, sensors, and jet pack through verbal commands. The dark macrobinocular viewplate offered a variety of vision modes, including infrared. A pineal eye sensor on the helmet combined with an internal overlay display to provide tracking information within a 360-degree radius. Motion sensors, an encrypted internal comlink, and a broad-band antenna completed the helmet's devices, all of which could be linked to the wearer's weapons or their personal starship. The helmet could also act as an environmental filter system, with a two hour reserve tank providing breathable air to the Mandalorian warrior.

General Information

So in our canon the armor is very are and highly expensive, even the durasteel one. So all those that put it in their description will have to remember that they do not have the lightsaber resisting form, it does not reflect blaster bolts it merely blocks them but a shotgun would already tear it to pieces. Only a few have the durasteel one and the actual beskar one. (Admin Authorization)

The armor is not to be bought or found anywhere and neither does the Empire like it because they cover most of the durasteel/beskar mines. So the chance of getting it is rare and all that do as I said before it's from a weaker model which just got forged into a mandalorian like shape.
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Mandalorian Armor
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