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 Mandalorian Application Process

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Mandalorian Application Process Empty
PostSubject: Mandalorian Application Process   Mandalorian Application Process Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 12:43 pm

Welcome Brothers and Sisters, now that you have reached the age of 13 it is time to under go Verd'Goten. If you are a worthy warrior to the Mandalorian clans you are finaly declared an Adult and a proud warrior to the Mandalorian people, join the Mandalorian war efforts and become an Warrior and be granted Clan!

Character name: (Prefere Alias or Call sign)
Character age:
Character Gender:
Character race:
Characters trials under going Verd'Goten as a child:
Characters Distinctive Armor:
Characters Posiion:
Terms of Agreement: As a Mandalorian I will honor Mandalore and serve him till Death do me part, I will bring honor and glory to my clan as well as the Mandalorians as whole, I shall fire my weapon true to my skill and honor, through warfare, I fight till death, no retreat, no surrender.  I am a Mandalorian, I do my People proud! (Accept Y/N)

If you are intrested sign a application form with the code above and post it below, if you have trouble with Mando' canon, use wookiepedia. Heres a complementery link that I advise be read- http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorians
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Mandalorian Application Process
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