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 SW:RP Donation Information:

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PostSubject: SW:RP Donation Information:   SW:RP Donation Information: Icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 5:05 pm

SW:RP Donation Information: 1ilir5

Awards and benefits for donators!
People we need donations to pay the server upkeep costs and for any further improvements like a better website, better/more servers and etc.
The money doesn't go to my personal pocket to make me rich, but to maintain the servers and improve it all in general. It would be very appreciated!

Epic Donator! (50$)
- One free playermodel of choice (Needs to fit the Star Wars theme though)
- 20000 in-game credits
- A free weapon of choice (Can be custom we can discuss that)
- A free item of choice (in-game item that is on the server)

Massive Donator! (35$)
- 15000 in-game credits
- You can choose any of the weaponary we currently have on the server for free
- A playermodel of choice (does need to fit the Star Wars Theme)
- Free in-game item of choice

Large Donator! (25$)
- 10000 in-game credits
- Any weaponary on the server of your choice for free
- A in-game item of medium value

Nice Donator! (10$)
- 7500 in-game credits
- A free low valued item of choice
- A free low valued gun of choice

All of the above also get donator status!

If you want to donate you will have to contact me (Admin) through a pm or talk to me on Steam.

Please note, that URS reserves the right to strip you of your donator status, where we see fit, and that the money you donate is not refundable, all benefits/services will be met, given to what you have selected, if you are banned for a extented/permanently period, you will automatically loose your donator status. We also reserve the right, to change the rules at any time as we see fit.

If you want to donate contact Recreas or Recrow,
Recreas's Steam ID:Nicklol1996
Recrow's Steam ID:Jimmylol1996

Bank Account information(Transfer it from your bank to mine)

IBAN Number: NL16RABO0313764891
Bankname: Rabobank


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SW:RP Donation Information:
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