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 Star Wars: RolePlay General Information and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Star Wars: RolePlay General Information and Guidelines   Star Wars: RolePlay General Information and Guidelines Icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 12:32 pm

The General information and guidelines for The Star Wars RolePlaying Gamemode

  • Location; Aikhibba.
  • Region; Mid Rim, Aikhibba Sector.
  • System; Aikhibba System.
  • Date: DD/MM/YYYY

Aikhibba discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great Manifest Period, it was a neutral planet during the New Sith Wars, contested by both the Republic and the Brotherhood of Darkness until the latter defeat at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. Loyal to the Republic for the nest several centuries, Aikhibba joined the Galactic Empire at its rise with little to no change on world.

Canon Information:
The roleplay takes place just after Star Wars III - Star Wars IV, Yes. Darth Vader, Obi wan etc do live. But don't expect to see them. The Jedi Order have a bad reputation, but only a handful of people remember them. They're like a fairy tale.

The Rebellion: The rebellion will be just at its start, it isn't big and powerfull yet but does have some underground resistance movements and men. They'll be attacking Imperial outposts or warehouses now and then. And also will try to convert people to help them.

The Galactic Empire:
The Galactic Empire has basically everything under its control, there's only a few systems where groups of resistance fighters are still holding their planets. Most of the planets are occupied by the Empire and a lot of troops are stationed on the planets. Especially Alderaan is being defended by troops because some Imperial Spy believed there would be a lot of possible resistance there. The Galactic Empire do have their first Deathstar but it's not yet destroyed.

Most huge events in the movies did not yet happen, no Luke Skywalker, no Jedi's or anything else. There are barely any force users because most of them have been murdered by the Empire. So the chance of getting a light saber is very small. The only luck you could have is that we might later add possible force-sensetives but don't get too excited about that. It slightly ruins the RP if we have a server full with Jedi's and Siths. Weaponry is very expensive and only the richest people have a nice laser pistol, the Empire is strict on weapon dealing and civilians that do get a weapon mostly bought it from an illegal dealer. Most Civilians have a small blaster in their possession but as I said nothing special.


  1. Behave around the community. Its common sense really.
  2. Create a Canon roleplay name for your characters. Surf the web, be creative but sensible!
  3. Use a legit player description, such as BrownHair|GreenEyes|StandardClothing|HolsteredLaserPistol
  4. Listen to admins and respected members alike. Both can help you.
  5. Use the three chats, In character, Local out of character (.//) and global out of character (/ooc)
  6. IC is what your character says in roleplay. Local OOC is what you want to say out of the roleplay, to those around you. Global OOC is what you want to say out of the roleplay, but to everyone.
  7. Use Grammar at all times in character. No smileys or emotions.
  8. When you die, you follow NLR New Life rule unless told otherwise.
  9. If you are Pk'd, your permakilled. No complaints.
  10. Respect everyone in the community.


  1. PK= Permanent kill. Your character is dead and you are forbidden to roleplay on him/her/it again.
  2. NLR = New Life Rule, when you die you have to forget everything about how you died.
  3. TK = Temporary kill. You are forbidden to roleplay on your character for a length of time.
  4. TI = Temporary injury. Your character has to roleplay a certain injury for a length of time.
  5. PI = Permanent injury. Your character has to roleplay a certain injury permanently.
  6. <text>= A forgein language. The text between <> is an alien language. So you most likely don't understand it.
    Written by Recreas & ThY.
    Formatted by ThY

Short description of Role Playing: Roleplaying is creating a story with characters, and playing one of the characters within the story. Role Playing can be anything, anytime, anywhere. You don't need items or anything else, use your imagination. You can start any kind of roleplay even on a small chat screen or on the forums.Roleplaying does not require a script or amazing models with good graphics if you do it right it can lead to amazing in-depth stories with shockingly realistic characters and a lot of fun.
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Star Wars: RolePlay General Information and Guidelines
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