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 Classes,Groups and Skills

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The Classes and the Groups
Classes,Groups and Skills 14m3pfs


Here are the classes, groups and skills that will form your own speciality, for example: A long-range Sniper or Close Range Vanguard in Assault Squad B.
You will add this in your application, please read it carefully below and choose wisely because it's unlikely you are able to switch after you get accepted.


1. Assault Foot Soldier: The Assault class is the main spine of the Black Sun army, they carry the standard laser rifles, pistols and grenades. They have standard armor so that they are still agile in battle but also have enough protection. They are the main power of the army and will be mostly deployed right in the battlefield.

2. Close-Range Vangaurd: These are the hardend men that rather take their shot from a close range to make sure their target is really dead, they get riot blasters and poison grenades to slaughter their enemies. Not many people choose this as it is very dangerous but on the other hand you do get one of the best equipment.

3. Long-Ranged Sniper: These are the men that will be deployed on the hills and behind the main infantry, they'll be equiped with the standard armor. They mostly move from spot to spot to make sure they don't get discovered. They carry long range scoped rifles, some small grenades and a pistol if they need it in close-quaters combat.

4. The Heavy trooper: So I might have been lying a bit about the Vangaurd getting the best equipment...., because it's the heavy troopers that will. They get gattling guns or heavy rifles, therminal detonators. They are just like walking tanks and shoot at everything they see. Though only a few get chosen for this and I'll be sure to notify you when these are all taken.

So now that you took a special class for yourself you will now have to choose what kind of skill or direction you want to go to, do you want to heal your fellow soldiers or do you rather want to repair buildings and etc.

1. Medic: The man that safes many lives of fellow soldiers on the battlefield, he will get extra medical supplies and will be able to revive his teammates. He will also be right in the battlefield and not missing any action as most people die on the battlefield. Every squad will be assigned one or two medics to make sure they all survive. So these are really important. (This is a good combo with the: Assault, Vangaurd and Sniper Class.)

2. Engineer: These men make sure everything is ready for battle, things like sentry guns or medical stations all need to be made ready before they get deployed. And also things like placing explosives to breach an enemy or hacking databases will be all done by these men. They're very important on missions because they are the technicians, mechanics and etc. They will get extra explosives, ammunition and other things for hacking and etc. (This is a good combo with the: Vangaurd and Assault Class)

3. Assault: It's the general skill, these men are just there to protect the medics and the engineers so that they can do their jobs. They're more into the action whilst the medic and the engineer try to help them. (Good with all of the classes)

4. Group Leader: This is the leader of a squad, he commands his squad and makes sure they finish their mission. He is in charge of everybody in the group and will take care of his men, he doesn't get any extras but full command of a squad or group. He can also choose a second skill if wanted.
He is just like the heavy trooper something that only a few can be and I'll be sure to notifiy you when it's closed. (Good combined with the Assault and Heavy Trooper classes)


There will be several groups and squads under the soldiers, each with one leader, 1 medic, one engineer and the rest will be assault.
Each group leader can choose his own men, some may choose to specialize fully in snipers and others might combine it all together so that they always have everything they need.

The groups will be:
Assault Alpha
Assault Beta
Assault Charlie

Special Alpha
Special Beta
Special Charlie

Ranged Alpha
Ranged Beta
Ranged Charlie

Please put in your application your class and skill. You will be automaticly assigned to a group by a squadleader/officer.

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Classes,Groups and Skills
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