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 Rebellion Infantry and Vehicular skills, groups and classes- Read before applying.

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Rebellion Infantry and Vehicular skills, groups and classes- Read before applying. Empty
PostSubject: Rebellion Infantry and Vehicular skills, groups and classes- Read before applying.   Rebellion Infantry and Vehicular skills, groups and classes- Read before applying. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 12:44 pm

Depending on what you put in your application regarding skills, you will be assigned one of the following classes if you are in the Rebellion Ground-based force:

1. Rebel Assault Soldier- Sporting regular blaster rifles and pistols, these soldiers are the backbone of the Rebel army. As well as these two weapons, they are equipped with light armor which suits the terrain of whichever planet they are serving on and Thermal detonators.

2. Rebel Close Assault Soldier- Equipped with CR-1 Blaster Cannons, the most widely used Shotgun of the Rebellion, and Heavy Blaster-pistols, these soldiers are deadly in close-quarters situations. They also sport relatively heavy armor, carrying Concussion grenades.

3. Rebel Alliance Sniper- Carrying E-17d sniper rifles and light Blaster pistols, these soldiers are one of the most agile and deadly weapons at the Rebellion's disposal, surpassed only by the Bothan Spies hired by the Rebellion. Additionally, they are equipped with Light armor.

4. Bothan Espionage Unit- Hired by the Rebellion to gather information on the Empire (And Vice Versa), these humanoid aliens are well-known for their extremely effective Bothan Spynet. They have the ability to render themselves invisible to all but the sharpest eyes. Later on in the Galactic Civil war, they would be famous for delivering the Second Deathstar's plans to the Rebel alliance's fleet prior to the final assault and the fall of Palpatine. Note- I will only choose one or two people for this.

5. Rebel Heavy Assault Trooper- The most heavily armed and armored Rebel soldier. Sporting automatic Blaster Pistols and Z-6 rotary blaster cannons, along with the heaviest armor at the Rebel Alliance's disposal, these troopers are renowned for their skills on the battlefields. Each unit has to prove him/herself in combat and go through extremely tough training exercises to even be considered as a suitable candidate. Note- Only one or two people shall receive this as a class, and I'll be limiting it to one of them on at a time.

Now then, sending any of these classes to assault an, say, Imperial Star Destroyer would be illogical so, here are the different choices you can make regarding Spacial vehicles-

1. Rebellion Pilot- Simple. Able to pilot Rebellion ships, typically Y-Wings and X-wings.
2. Rebellion Marines- What would be the point in sending just a pilot to board a Star Destroyer? Equipped with Blaster Rifles, grenades and Light armor, these troopers will be the ones who do the fighting aboard boarded ships.

Now then, just having these units would be illogical so there are several skills you can choose.

1. Medic- Simple, you heal wounded allies and fight alongside the squad.
2. Assault- Generally applies to all non-medic allocated Units. Carry out orders whilst protecting the people vital to their squads.
3. Squad Leader- Self explanatory. Leader of the squad who orders the members to carry out mission directives while keeping the Squad in line.

There will be Three divisions of the Rebel Ground-Force.
1- Aikhibba Ground Force Assault Squad.
2. Aikhibba Ground Force Specialized division.
3. Aikhibba Bothan Spynet.

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Rebellion Infantry and Vehicular skills, groups and classes- Read before applying.
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