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 Special Character Application

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PostSubject: Special Character Application   Special Character Application Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:03 pm

Special Character Application Forum

If you want to for example apply for a robot, races or other special characters like somebodys robot companion or somebodys child(?). Or if you want character to be more hero like and already have more status/fame through out the galaxy and etc.

1. Follow the application format , please.
2. You must have least been on the server for a month (doesn't count till July 2011)
3. You must have atleast 2 recommendations/approvals from two admins, one of them must be a SA or higher.
4. You do not have the character you applied untill you get accepted, so don't just asspull it.
5. Use nice and decent grammar,spelling and use your imagination but keep it real.
6. Every char you already had before May 2011 doesn't need to be applied for.
7. Use your common sense, though for some it's hard to find.



[b]OOC Information[/b]
Steam Tag/Name:
Recommandations/Approvals of Admins(Pictures please):
Why do you want a special character and how will you be roleplaying it?:

[b] IC Information[/b]
Name of the special character:
Backstory of your character so how it was born and from there on its story(Atleast two paragraphs):
Is that character in a faction or will it be a companion, if so what faction/person?:
Do you agree to use the character properly and not to abuse it, and if you did not yet get accepted to not use the character yet?:
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Special Character Application
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