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 Wookie Barracks [IC]

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Wookie Barracks [IC] Empty
PostSubject: Wookie Barracks [IC]   Wookie Barracks [IC] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 11:17 am

Wookie Barracks
Wookie Barracks [IC] Wookieq

*You step through the open doorway, entering the large hut labeled Barracks. The sounds of Wookie chatter and shouting comes from the end of the building, where four Wookies sit on chairs, around a checkered table playing a strange version of chess. Your attention is drawn to the right of you, where two Wookies trade cigars while on their poor excuses of beds. You turn your head left, to see two huge metal sheets, they look suspiciously like that of Imperial ships. The smaller one reads Yurinal, the bigger one reads Laws.*

Yurinal (Journal/Notice Board);

- Home set up at old structure.
- Feast to celebrate succsessfull hunt. Bring the drinks.
- Feast to celebrate friendship.
- New Objective; Try befriend imperials. We have no problem with them untill they hurt us.
- Mandalorian clan is friend to Wookie.


ah: Obay/respect Chieftain
ah-ah: Fight alongside clan
a-oo-ah: Life Debt does not apply to Imperials
wyoorg: Rebels are friend and trustable
ah wyoorg: Do not steal Crieftain Dryanta's soup
hu yourg: Not trust 'roids
muwaa yourg: Not use claws in combat
ah muwaa yourg: Black Sun are friend and trustable
a-oo-mu: Not hurt clan members
aohwawh: Not steal from clan members
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Wookie Barracks [IC]
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