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 Wookie Names & Language (Shyriiwook)

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PostSubject: Wookie Names & Language (Shyriiwook)   Wookie Names & Language (Shyriiwook) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 11:42 am

Wookie Names & Language (Shyriiwook) Wookieq

Firstly, understand that wookie is a VERY complex language. Whatever you want to say in English you can say ebtter in wookie. To speak Wookie to another wookie IC, simply go : <Heyoo Brother> (Mind there are NO restrictions on what you can say). When Communicating with humans feel free to use real Shrywook, like Auwaa Ur Oh!

Quote :
"It isn't an easy language to learn, what with all the growls and howls. Big Z told me the whole point was to make it difficult for outsiders to understand."
To create a Wookie name, pick one of the following;
* arri ("mighty, strong")[8]
* atti ("father/mother" or "first")[8]
* bus ("home", "life" or "tree")[8]
* ciiir ("great, ancient, wise")[8]
* chal ("hidden, secret" or "shadow")[8]
* chew ("honored, bole, trusted")[8]
* dry ("elder, old, wizened")[8]
* fro ("proud" or "powerful")[8]
* gaar ("brave, bold, fearless")[8]
* geyy ("fat, large, great")[8]
* gra ("peaceful" or "steady, sure")[8]
* groz ("burning" or "furious" or "golden")[8]
* issh ("black, dark" or "dangerous" or "deep")[8]
* ji ("beloved, fortunate, lucky")[8]
* jow ("star, sun" or "space" or "vast")[8]
* kalla ("angry, mad, wild")[8]
* kerri ("high, tall" or "tree")[8]
* kit ("deft, nimble, swift")[8]
* liak ("blood" or "red" or "autumn")[8]
* low ("dutiful" or "honored, proud")[8]
* lof ("clever, cunning, wily")[8]
* malla ("beautiful" or "green" or "valued")[8]
* nag ("heroic, legendary, mythic")[8]
* ralr ("lake, ocean, sea")[8]
* ror ("dark, hidden" or "marsh, swamp")[8]
* sal ("rain, storm, lightning, thunder")[8]
* shor ("deadly, lethal" or "fierce" or "shadow")[8]
* sno ("curious" or "quick")[8]
* spet ("legends" or "legendary, mythic, famed")[8]
* tar ("cloud, fog, mist")[8]
* wrrl ("quiet, stealthy" or "soft")[8]

And then add one of the following on the end;
* addik ("guardian, guard, sentinel")[8]
* ahab ("keeper, warden")[8]
* an ("crafter, craftsman" or "master")[8]
* anta ("judge" or "leader")[8]
* arra ("fur" or "shield" or "hide")[8]
* bacca ("ally, friend" or "brother/sister")[8]
* becca ("blade" or "defender")[8]
* bev ("child" or "son/daughter")[8]
* bow ("bearer, keeper" or "worker")[8]
* chiir ("air" or "call, speech, voice")[8]
* chit ("champion, hero")[8]
* cuk ("companion, husband/wife")[8]
* drrl ("safety" or "sky, treetop")[8]
* evge ("beast [especially katarn]" or "rage")[8]
* kabukk ("ancestor" or "guide, councilor")[8]
* kazza ("ghost, spirit" or "tracker")[8]
* kkata ("child" or "rogue, scoundrel")[8]
* lanna ("cry, growl, roar")[8]
* mapia ("rain, storm" or "season")[8]
* mum ("claw, tool" or "climber")[8]
* nik ("jester, joker" or "riddle" or "webweaver")[8]
* orral ("strider" or "treasure" or "worthy")[8]
* ova ("eye" or "gazer, seeker" or "seer")[8]
* pirr ("builder, forger" or "trader")[8]
* porin ("sage, scholar, teacher")[8]
* raoao ("cousin, kin" or "noble")[8]
* ryyhn ("danger" or "shimmersilk" or "syren plant")[8]
* tatha ("bite, biter" or "claw")[8]
* tharr ("flyer" or "swimmer")[8]
* tobuck ("music, song" or "singer")[8]
* urra ("soldier, warrior, captain")[8]
* warr ("forest" or "guide, scout" or "hunter")[8]
* ykam ("dancer" or "walker")[8]

And just for fun, (Note; Wookies do not need to memorize this.)

Common phrases
* Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. ("Hello. How are you?")[2]
* Yuow. ("Goodbye.")[2]
* Wyogg, ur oh. ("I am well, thank you.")[2]
* Ruh gwyaaaag. ("I am a friend.")[2]
* Wgha ryuraygu yuhahyrrararr. ("I am sword and sandal.")
* Huwaa muaa mumwa. ("Can I buy you a drink?")[2]
* Wooo hwa hwa? ("Nice weather, eh?")[2]

More advanced phrases

* Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma. ("I think my arm has been pulled out of the socket.")[2]
* Whoaaaa. Waa maa. Warrgh. ("Pardon me, I need to rest my neck muscles.")[2]
* Waa hu aa ma ma a oo gah? ("Why did you pick on someone one fourth your size?"[2]
* Roooarrgh ur roo. ("I have a bad feeling about this.")[3]
* Hnn-rowr yrroonn nng rarrr!' ("Long live the New Republic!")[4]
* Rrargrarg? ("Can I ask another favor?")[5]
* Rowr ahragh awf ahraroww rowh rohngr grgrff rf rf. (approximately: "He says he's a Jedi Knight now.")[6]
* RRRrrruurgh! Arrggg! ("I'm not happy about this situation.")[7]
* Yaag ruggwah maw huah huah? ("How do you give your fur that shine?")[2]
* Waag mam ga moo. ("The food is good.")[2]
* Wu yaga gah ahyag. ("I would like a drink, please.")[2]
* Waag ahyeg ha. ("I can't reach that.")[2]
* Uwana goya uhama. ("It's hard to find good help these days.")[2]
* Hoyaarg aga huwaga? ("How are things at the office?")[2]
* Gu waagaa ahawag? ("Think it is going to rain tomorrow?")[2]
* Uwaga waa mu Woohiee? ("How tall is that Wookiee?")[2]
* Wugaga hu uwamma Woohiee wa-ah? ("Who was that Wookiee I saw you with last night?"[2]
* Wuhu wa gaaa ma ma Igra Ann? ("Have you heard the latest Figran D'an yet?")[2]
* Yu guwah mah oowhama? ("Do you have a salve to kill these parasites?")[2]
* Guhaw maw ohyah? ("Was he injured?")[2]
* Huaah maw wuwu agah? ("When will he recover?")[2]

In dealing with telemarketers

* Mu hu mwa gaa. ("I cannot talk on the comlink right now.")[2]
* Uoo waa gaa moo. ("It is mealtime.")[2]
* Wuyagah na Kourasaa Yurinal. ("I do not want the Coruscant Journal.")[2]
* Aa-ooh-gaa? ("How much is it?")[2]
* Mu waa waa. ("Please leave me alone.")[2]
* Mu ah waa gaa a yukshin oid. ("I already have a suction droid.")[2]
* My agah ya mawah. ("I do not want an in-home demonstration.")
* Mu na ya. ("Please go away.")

Common words

* haaag ("doorway")[2]
* awa ("go")[2]
* yo agaaha ("headache")[2]
* ohh haa ("okay")[2]
* yaag ("how")[2]
* wuahh ("what")[2]
* huaahh ("when")[2]
* muaahh ("who")[2]
* ah wu aaa ("why")[2]
* uma ("yes")[2]
* muawa ("no")[2]
* hrrrrrnnnn ("right")
* ur oh ("thank you")[2]
* BRR ("Hi friends")
* kourasaa ("Coruscant")[2]
* yukshin ("suction")[2]
* oid ("droid")[2]
* yurinal ("journal")[2]
* muaarga ("peace")[2]
* rooohu ("you")
* wwrcahwowhwa ("friend")
* rahool ("fool")
* rah-rear rahh ("come here")

Counting in Shyriiwook

* (1) ah
* (2) ah-ah
* (3) a-oo-ah
* (4) wyoorg
* (5) ah wyoorg
* (6) hu yourg
* (7) muwaa yourg
* (Cool ah muwaa yourg
* (9) a-oo-mu
* (10) aohwawh

Thanks to Wikipedia,
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Wookie Names & Language (Shyriiwook)
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