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 Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations

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Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Empty
PostSubject: Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations   Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 10:59 am


Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Wookieq
Wookie Weaponry

The Bowcaster

The bowcasters were clip-loaded with usually six explosive bolts per clip. However some Wookiees developed a bowcaster that fired pure blaster bolts and no clip was required.

A polarizing orb sat at each end of the bow, generating a magnetic field used to accelerate the quarrels. After cocking the weapon, a simple trigger sped the quarrel forward and charged it in an envelope of plasmoid. To generate the requisite potential energy for conversion into kinetic energy, the cocking spring required the strength of a Wookiee to draw back, although some modern bowcasters featured automatic cocking mechanisms (used by Chewbacca) for use by other species.

While decreasingly effective beyond 30 meters, the bowcaster was more powerful and accurate than typical blaster weapons. Some bowcasters could load multiple quarrels to create a spread-fire effect, further enhancing their close range effectiveness, while others could fire specially charged bolts that could ricochet off certain surfaces. They also shot pure bolts that were not engulfed in energy. These would sometimes have poison tips or explosive tips.

Bowcasters appeared huge to many non-Wookiees and even Jedi such as Olee Starstone doubted she could lift one, much less fire it. The weight of the weapon, however, was no impediment to the massive strength of the Wookiees.

Ryyk blade

The design of these weapons varied greatly between individuals, but all ryyk blades were hand-constructed and were considered an extension of the wielder, much like the Wookiee relationship with their bowcasters. The average weight of a ryyk was around fifteen kilograms, but Wookiees could wield them with surprising speed and grace. The blade was first developed when the Wookiees were still technologically primitive; they were used for clearing paths through the thick forests of Kashyyyk and fending off vicious predators.

Ryyk blades were used heavily by Trandoshan slavers during the Clone Wars and by Wookiee Berserkers during the Galactic Civil War. For a non-Wookiee to use the ryyk without earning the right to do so was an insult to most Wookiees.

Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Ryyk_blades2
Ryyk Blades
Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations 520px-Bowcaster_egwt


Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations 14m3pfs
Black sun - Neutral
Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Il_75x75.180669907
The Galactic Empire - Hostile
Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations Rebellion_logo
The Rebellion - Friendly
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Wookie Clan Weaponry & Rights & Relations
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