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 Alliance to Restore the Republic- Spacial Assault Force Applications.

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PostSubject: Alliance to Restore the Republic- Spacial Assault Force Applications.   Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:13 am

You think you're a decent flyer, you're not known for combat superiority on the Ground, but in the air, you are a natural. It's to prove your worth and join the Rebellion, using your skills for the Greater Good.

Now, I'm going to be lazy and paste the Ground application template.

Concerning IC recruitment, I probably will not be recruiting ICly unless a great depth of effort is put into the events Prior to joining.

General OOC information.

Steam Name:
Time spent in the community:
Have you ever received a ban or a kick from any of the Server Administrators? If so, explain why or how you received it.

General IC information

Medicinal Status:
Your character's Backstory (At the very least 80 words.):

Your character's areas of skill and downsides:

By filling in this application, do you agree with following the factions rules and to follow any order given by a higher officer
And do you agree if you do not follow the rules or ignore an order that this may result in a faction kick and character PK?

Add me on Steam if you have any queries.
My SF name is: |HGN| UglĂșk
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Alliance to Restore the Republic- Spacial Assault Force Applications.
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