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 Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy Applications

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Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy Applications Empty
PostSubject: Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy Applications   Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy Applications Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 8:38 pm

[color=black][center][b][i]--OOC Section--[/i][/b][/center]
Steam name:

Steam ID:

Age (optional):


OOC good and bad traits:

How long have you been roleplaying for?

How active can I expect you to be?

Do you have the necessary knowledge of canon to roleplay your chosen role correctly?

Do you have any prior roleplay faction experience?[/i]
[center][i]--IC Section--[/i][/b][/center]
First name:

Last name:



Reasons for enlisting:

Desired post aboard the vessel you will be assigned to:

Desired type of fighter:


Background: ((OOC comment: Two paragraphs minimum. I am not looking for drama novels, action movies or sob stories. Keep it concise and believable, and you will have no trouble. Correct grammar and spelling would be greatly appreciated.))

Planet of origin:

Physical and mental condition:[/i]
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Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy Applications
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