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 Rebellion Rules.

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Rebellion Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Rebellion Rules.   Rebellion Rules. Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 8:11 pm

1. All members will at least attempt to keep active.

2. STM/STK/STRP can ONLY be initiated when both parties agree. If anyone decides to go and shoot up the Empire or the Black Sun spontaneously, either you will face punishment from the Administrators or I will demote/possibly throw you out.

3. Members are expected to stay neutral to other characters unless they are clad in Imperial armor and are firing at yo- I mean, unless they have been marked as hostile targets. In which case you will initiate RP or possibly ask for his/her/their consent to STK/STM/STRP.

4. You will get better weaponry/equipment as you progress in rank, there is no point in asking for a heavy weapon as a Recruit, for example. Weapons will also be given according to the said character's area of expertise.

5. Ammunition will be distributed evenly, General or Recruit.

6. Maintain a respectful attitude towards fellow members and STAY NEUTRAL TO NON-MEMBERS, ENEMIES OR NOT (OOCly.). Always follow Faction Officer's orders, if you do not, you may be kicked from the faction, but only if this happens on a number of occasions.

7. Ask for permission to leave the base if you wish to. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, go around yelling "Hello, I'm a member of the Rebellion, please shoot me or do you want me to shoot myself?", as superficially stupid this may sound, even more subtle ways of informing hostiles of your identity are all too easy mistakes to make. If you do leave the base after receiving permission, you will be given a disguise, or at least something that hides your affiliation with the Rebellion.

7a. If you are called back to the base, you must return to it. Failing to do so will either result in a demotion or, in more severe cases, a faction kick.

7b. Let an officer know if you will be initiating a long-term operation upon leaving.

7c. If you learn anything useful after leaving the base, e.g- an upcoming attack, report it at once so we may be prepared. (Do not Metagame.)

8. Please tell me if you are leaving the faction.

8a. If you want to leave with the same character and join another faction, you MUST ask for permission. The most likely outcome is that I will not accept it. Doing so without permission will result in a PK.

9. And most importantly, if you are in the faction- Have fun.
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Rebellion Rules.
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