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 The Black Sun Rules

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The Black Sun Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Black Sun Rules   The Black Sun Rules Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 6:51 pm

The Black Sun Rules 6s5mcw

The Black Sun Rules 14m3pfs

1.) All members will stay neutral towards everbody unless marked as enemy or friendly in that case treat them like an enemy or friend.

1a.) Everbody is allowed to enter and to make deals in our territory, they're allowed to trade and ask audiance of the Vego untill they make trouble.

1b.) Non-members in the area will be kept under constant observation for the entirety of their stay, but make it secret so just watch them from a distance and report any unwanted activity.

1c.) Everbody is allowed to leave and trade with non-members at any time just be really carefull not to reveal anything about us.

1d.) Do never ever reveal any secret information to any non-members or low ranked members unless there's permission given, do not give away any secret technology or plans and be carefull.

2.) All members will follow orders, be respectfull towards each other and take care of each others and their own equipment.

2a.) Ammunition will be evenly distributed. Members with little or no ammunition must report it to an officer so that he/she can acces the supply and hand out more.

2b.) Any ammunition or equipment gained through trade with non-members or found must be reported to so that we can keep track of our suppliement and we would like your other weaponary back for a new member.

2c.) Respect all your members and be neutral towards non-members, especially be friendly towards officers and always follow their orders. If you don't this can result in a faction kick.

3.) You are free to leave at any time but there are some exceptions:

3a.) When you are called return back to base immediatly, it means that we seriously need you. So do not doubt or you could be demoted.

3b.) If you will leave the planet or be gone from the base for longer then a day please report it so that we know.

3c.) Do not engage in any Black Sun business in your own time unless you have been given a mission or with an officer.

3d.) If you spot any information in your free time which is against the Black Sun or in general usefull obtain it and bring it to us immediatly so we can deal with the threat.

And just use your common sense, I know for some this can be hard but atleast try so we know that you do your best.
Also if you break any of these rules you can be kicked or demoted by the faction leader or high ranked officer.
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The Black Sun Rules
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